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Her Excellency visits MEDEP programmes in Sindhuli district

Sindhulimadi 10 February 2012 - Her Excellency Australian Ambassador to Nepal Ms Susan Grace visited Sindhulimadi, Sindhuli on 10th February, 2012. During the visit, Her Excellency observed a mini exhibition of the products of Micro-Entrepreneurs (MErs) promoted by Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP) UNDP in Sindhuli, and interacted with MErs on their enterprises and their successes, problems and challenges.

More than 25 MErs participated in  the interaction and felt very proud while sharing their experiences. At the interaction, the District Enterprise Development Committee members, local NGOs representatives, and representatives of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists were present and expressed their views on the MEDEP programme.

Speaking on the occasion, Her Excellency said that she was impressed with the way MEDEP was working involving the hardcore poor women in different enterprises. "I am happy to see the poor women being empowered economically and socially," she said.

Responding to the request made by the women entrepreneurs, Her Excellency expressed the views that the entrepreneurs could get more benefit from micro-enterprises involving a larger number of people than big industries. She also pointed out the need for marketing the products rather than establishing new enterprises. 

Her Excellency Australian Ambassador to Nepal Ms Susan Grace being welcomed by Micro-Entrepreneurs in Sindhuli.

MEDEP’s focal person from District Development Committee (DDC) Mr Sagar Dhakal, Programme Officer of DDC Sindhuli presented the overall progress of MEDEP since 2005. Mr. Dhakal said that now MEDEP has started showing good results. He said that his experience in the field as a monitor has shown that  socially excluded communities especially women have become motivated and tangible results in some areas could be seen.

DDC has started internalizing the programme and MEDEP should focus on areas of capacity building of local government (DDC, VDC)  in the coming years, he said, adding that DDC has been allocating budget for Micro-Enterprise development activities since its inception of Micro-Enterprise Development Fund (MEDF).

Her Excellency also visited fields.  One of the visited enterprises was bamboo incenses sticks groups known as Mangala Devi Agarbatti Laghu Uddhyami Samuha.  The group comprises 7 members - 1 man and 6 women. From this enterprise, more than 50 MErs are getting short-term employment. This group has the complete package of producing incense sticks - producing, labeling and marketing. It is located at Sidhulimadi (headquarters of the district).

Then Her Excellency visited the the tailoring enterprise operated by a group of women. The enterprise employs 6 women. It is located at Sindhulimadi.

Ms. Nabina Shrestha, Programme Officer of the UNDP, Krishna Karki from Australian Embassy, Ms Sabita Koirala and Mina Tamang from MEDEP and members of District Micro-Entrepreneurs' Group Association and government officials accompanied Her Excellency during the visit.

Her Excellency interacted with various entrepreneurs and keenly observed the products like bamboo stools, mats, incenses, pineapple and Junar juice, squash, and garments, etc.  during the exhibition.

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