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Proceedings of pre-bid meeting

The pre-bid meeting was held for the assignment titled ‘Impact study on empowerment of Women, Dalits, Indigenous Nationalities and

other Hard core poor through Micro-Enterprise Development Programme' on 28th February 2014 in MEDEP Meeting Hall.  


A total of 12 participants attended the meeting.

Following are the concerns of the participant on the pre-bid meeting and MEDEP response:

1.       What factors should be considered for sampling techniques?

Ans: All five development regions, three ecological zone, three previous MEDEP phases and Gender and social inclusive sampling. In the sample, selection of entrepreneurs having at least two years age of enterprise would be better.


2.    Is there any baseline survey in MEDEP?

Ans: MEDEP has already done household survey which can be taken as baseline survey. MEDEP has conducted independent Evaluation in 2010 and evaluation conducted by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in 2012. However, it is also expected that the assignment focuses on obtaining primary information from micro-entrepreneurs about their situation. 


3.                   What about the field enumerators that did not speak out in the given TOR?

Ans: We are expecting the maximum involvement of experts on this study.  It is expected that the experts will manage the involvement of the supportive hands by themselves.


4. Should we include the CVs of field enumerators together with proposal?

Ans:  Originally signed CVs of Gender & Social Inclusion Expert and Economics/Enterprise development Expert is must. We are not expecting the CVs of the other staff at this stage.


5.    What is the payment system whether the consulting firm should present the bill of each cost breakdown in detail?

Ans: The consulting firm should submit only the firm's VAT bill of total amount. 


6.                               Is an NGO eligible to submit Proposal if it is not registered in VAT?

Ans: If NGO is not registered in VAT, such NGO is not eligible to submit proposal.


7.                                What should be provision to submit proposal by Joint Venture Company?

Ans: Joint Venture Company can apply but there should be clearly mentioned the role and responsibilities of the parties involved.


8.  As per 9  (b) Resource Plan of RFP  it is expected to describe the future plan of the organization whereas in the Submission criteria the number of each pages is fixed. This is contradicting each other.

Ans: We are expecting to get the same on concise form as far as possible.


9 Where can we get related information?

Please visit Website of MEDEP to get more information: 

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