HIV and AIDS Component

MEDEP has been implementing HIV and AIDS livelihoods programme for People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA) and ex-drug users. This programme has been implemented in collaboration with UNDP HIV AND AIDS programme in 11 districts of Nepal. This programme is a pilot project for HIV and AIDS-infected and -affected and ex-drug users. The overall goal of the livelihoods component of MEDEP is to increase employment and income opportunities and access to financial service for the target groups. One of such activities is to make them engage in the enterprise sector with required technical and financial supports. Enterprise is the proven way to get them busy and make income and employment opportunities to these target groups.


The objectives are as follows:

  • Create economic opportunities for HIV and AIDS-infected and-affected and ex-drug users.
  • Create sustainable business promotion mechanisms for their livelihoods improvement.

Covered Districts and Beneficiaries

Under the HIV and AIDS livelihoods component, MEDEP had worked in 11 districts (Achham, Doti, Surkhet, Dailekh, Kaski, Rupandehi, Parsa, Kathmandu and Lalitpur) for 100 injecting drug users (IDUs) and 157 PLHA and 157 PLHA’s family members.


The programme was implemented from July 2008 to December 2009.

Programme Arrangement

The programme was implemented by MEDEP as per the MoU signed between UNDP HIV and AIDS Programme Management Unit and MEDEP. To implement the programme at field level, MEDEP had sub-contracted National Entrepreneurship Development Centre (NEDC/N). In this programme, HIV and AIDS programme’s partner organizations which worked in 11 districts in the area of HIV and AIDS (district level local NGOs and CBOs) were also involved in the participants’ selection process, monitoring and follow up of the programme implementation. For monitoring and proper functioning at the field level programme through the NEDC, 11 staff at field level and two from central level were involved in the programme. Similarly, one Programme Associate was deployed from MEDEP for technical assistant to the programme who was responsible for delivering technical assistance to the NEDC to carry out the result.

The main output is to create economic opportunities for HIV and AIDS-infected and -affected with their families and friends and ex- drug users in 11 districts. The key deliverables were to establish 414 new entrepreneurs, link them to financial institutions and other business development services from July 2008 to December 2009.


Existing MEDEP model has been applying in HIV and AIDS livelihoods programme.


We have close partnership with NGOs working in HIVand AIDS and drug users' treatment and as per their perceptions this livelihoods component has helped to create drug free society. The Main achievements of this component till September are as follows:

  • In order to increase confidence and make them optimistic towards their lives. We had organized two days Appreciative Inquiry Training to target groups. As an impact, participants have started to think positively and started to change their way of thinking towards their life. In this training, total 382 participants had participated.
  • 9 days Start Improve Your Business Training for 454 participants. As of September 2009, 129 participants have been trained on technical skill training according to their business plan of their selected business. Among 129 participants, 68 were male and 61 were female.
  • Three days' residential orientation programme was organized in Nagarkot, Kathmandu on 23 to 25 July 2008. Total 37 participants, one focal person from each HIV and AIDS-related NGOs and 7 field coordinators from NEDC had participated in the programme. MEDEP professionals and NEDC professionals oriented them on MEDEP module as well as programme module. Up to September 2009 has supported raw materials and fixed assets to various participants worth of Rs 823404.50.

Out of the total target of micro-entrepreneurs establishment (414) in all programme implemented districts, MEDEP has been able to establish 136 entrepreneurs till September 2009. These entrepreneurs comprises 83 (61.03%) male and 53 (38.73%) female. Total 136 people got the employment including MEs.

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