Dhaka table linen

For centuries, craftsmen from Nepal’s eastern and western regions have woven the unique, pure cotton cloth known as Dhaka. Still produced by handloom and using traditional designs, modern day Dhaka is used to create everything from saris, shirts and shawls to bed sheets, handkerchiefs and table mats. The colourful designs have become one of Nepal’s most recognizable handicrafts.

The distinctive style has become so popular that fabric shops are now littered with mass produced, printed copies of Dhaka design. But genuine Dhaka is woven by hand, with one weaver able to produce up to two meters of fabric in a day, depending on the design. Using pure cotton thread and a locally fabricated wooden handloom, weavers turn out an array of the geometrical designs in a range of colours, from the traditional reds and greens used to make topis, the Nepali men’s hat, to vibrant purples and pinks often found in women’s shawls and skirts and the more earthy tones adorning dining tables.

Dhaka weavers are usually women from the remote and hilly districts. Because of their isolation from Nepal’s major markets, the weavers are often susceptible to exploitation from middlemen. MEDEP has been promoting Dhaka producers in Terhathum, Nawalparasi, Nuwakot, Ramechhap, Parbat and Udayapur districts to build both their entrepreneurship and technical skills, facilitate bulk purchasing of materials to lower the cost of production, and develop market linkages with buyers in Nepal and abroad.

A variety of Dhaka products in a range of colours and designs are available in both wholesale and retail quantities from Saugaat Griha, the sales outlet of micro, cottage and small entrepreneurs’ products at Tripureshowar, Kathmandu.

For more details please contact:
National Micro Entrepreneurs Groups Association
Saugaat Griha
Tripureshowar (next to Department of Industry)
Tel: +977 (0) 16215404
Email: nmega.nepal@gmail.com

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