Pine charcoal

With health reports revealing the harmful effects of cooking smoke and deforestation threatening the environment, safe and efficient fire fuels are in growing demand. Pine charcoal briquettes are one of the most popular new fuels available, thanks to their convenience, effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Several varieties of pine are native to Nepal, growing from the southern Terai plains to the Himalaya mountains. Pine is ideal for making into charcoal briquettes as in addition to being readily available, it burns hot and clean, leaving little ash. Pine charcoal is produced relatively simply by indirectly heating wood to an extremely hot temperature, usually by lighting a fire under a barrel packed with the wood, and extracting the gases from it. The resulting charcoal is light and easy to transport and burns longer than wood at a higher temperature, making it good for indoor and outdoor cooking as well as for industrial use, such as metal forging.

Pine charcoal production provides good income and employment opportunities for landless and marginalised people across Nepal. MEDEP supports producers in Sindhupalchowk, Sunsari, Kabhrepalanchowk and Udayapur, providing both entrepreneurship and technical skills training, assisting with the purchase of necessary technology and equipment and building market linkages.

Pine charcoal is available in both wholesale and retail quantities from Saugaat Griha, the sales outlet of micro, cottage and small entrepreneurs’ products at Tripureshowar, Kathmandu.

For more details please contact:
National Micro Entrepreneurs Groups Association
Saugaat Griha
Tripureshowar (next to Department of Industry)
Tel: +977 (0) 16215404

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